At Yips & Yaps we believe in the natural way of life. Our shampoos and conditioners are all natural herbal products that are gentle on the skin and leave coats soft, shiny, and smelling of a fresh herbal scent.

Let our stylists pamper your pooch with a Full Spa Service Package, or with just a Wash and Dry.

Yips & Yaps Spa Services

Simple Services

Teeth Brushing $5.00

Nail Trim $5.00

Nail Grind $12.00


Baths starting at $25

Grooms starting at $38 please call for a breed specific quote

All grooming and bathing includes nail trim, ear cleaning, and expression of anal glands. For an additional $8 we will grind your pet’s nails.

To ensure the safety of all of our pets, Yips & Yaps does not use hot forced air cage dryers.